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Its cold outside... The scoop on Frost Free Hose Bibs

Posted on January 10, 2015 at 1:03 PM Comments comments (31)
They Myth/Truth about Frost Free hose Bibs

Frost Free Hose Bibs are Great and a lot of houses have them. They are great for the winter season since there is no need to shut the water off to the Valve and drain the water from them. How it works it that the valve that opens the water to the faucet is inside the house in a conditioned /Heated space. However, there is a possible issue with them if you leave your hose hooked up.

What? Huh? 
 I have replaced some of these "Frost Free" Faucets that have burst/cracked/split due to the hose being attached that still had water in it. What happens is the water in the hose starts to Freeze in the cold weather and has no place to go. It cracks the body of the valve and causes a little leak and generally stops when the water in that area has run out. A lot of people miss this little leak in the Winter and don't see any evidence of a leak. However, they notice it in the Spring when they turn the hose on and water is running inside of there house instead of outside. So if your hoses are still hooked up outside disconnect them. If you have a concern, you can investigate this by taking a look at the valve assembly and inspecting it for cracks/splits from inside your house.

I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions/stories and comments.